Beach Day in the Shade  Oil on Canvas, 24x30"
 Seagulls at Sunset  Oil on Panel, 24x48" 
 Pea Harvest  Oil on Canvas, 22x22"
 Zinnias  oil on Canvas, 30x24" 
 "Hermit Island"  Oil on canvas, 10x8"  "Boats in the harbor"  Oil on Panel 8x10"  "Playing on the Coast"   Oil on Panel 6x6"
 Boats in the Harbor  oil on panel, 8x10"
 Farmer's Market Lunch  Oil on Panel, 12x12"
 "Beach Treasures", oil on panel 8x8"  "Peony 2" Oil on panel, 10x8"
 Farmer's Market Eggplants  oil on panel, 8x8"
 Silhouette at Bug Light  Oil on Canvas, 24x18"
 Upstairs Bedroom  Oil on Panel, 6x6" 
 Kids on the Beach  Oil on Canvas, 30x24"
 Bunny Hutch  Oil on Panel, 8x8" 
 Garden by the Sea  oil on panel, 10x8"
 Peony 1  Oil on Panel, 12x12"
 Picking Blueberries  Oil on Canvas, 18x24"
 Lake View  Oil on panel, 10x10" 
 Country Field  Oil on Panel, 18x24" 
 Willard Beach at Sunset  oil on panel, 8x8"
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